Sunday, September 22, 2002


In September i went on a rafting trip on the Gauley with some friends. I had never been on whitewater before and i had an absolute blast. We rafted with ACE and did just the Upper. I remember sitting at Sweet's Falls during our break watching people come down. It was all very impressive to me and i didn't imagine even coming close to running it myself for a very long time (2 years later i was there with my playboat). I watched as one guy came over the drop and flip. He missed 2 or 3 roll attempts before he rolled up. At the time i couldn't imagine trying to roll in that frothy water (at the time i had just learend to roll in flatwater).

A bunch of happy rafters

The following fall i did another trip with ACE, this would be the last one. This time we did the full Gauley marathon, upper and lower. The night before i slipped and fell (in my bathroom of all place, your home really is the most dangerous place!). I hit my elbow hard enough that the pain didn't subside. I could barely move it. But the trip was paid for and i was determined to go. On the drive to WV the next day i kept it bandaged and hoped i'd regain use of it (i couldn't even hold the stearing wheel). Luckily by the next morning it had improved enough that with a good bit of vitamin I, i was able to go. I made sure to sit on the side of the raft such that the damaged arm wouldn't be on the power side. It worked out well and after the first few minutes i didn't even notice it anymore. I loved that trip as well and couldn't wait to go back again.

Pillow Rock

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