Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bear Creek

In January we had a nice warm spell and decided to join Martha on a weekend trip to western MD. She and a couple of friends were running Bear Creek near Friendsville. It was a fairly nice run but unfortunately i didn't end up taking any pictures. I recall feeling somewhat off after not having paddled my creekboat in a while but overall things went fine. One moment of excitement occured when we reached a slightly wood clogged section. There was a small log across the river but it was just barely above water level and a few of the guys managed to bounce over it with some speed. I took a look and decided to skip it. I'd had enough logs for a while. Martha and I both got out while Mark decided to go ahead and follow the line that the other guys had taken. Unfortunately he misscalcuated his angle and/or speed and ended up pinned parallel to the log. He was keeping his edge up but really couldn't do anything. Martha and i were out of our boats anyway and ran over to help. His bow was facing the shore and only a few feet away so we were easily able to pull him in. It was a little scarry but turned out just fine. It's a good thing we had decided to walk around the log. I guess i'm not the only one who has problems with wood!


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