Thursday, June 29, 2006

Monsoon June

Fishladder, ~8 feet LF

In contrast to last weeks very low level we were surprised by a sudden downpour that lasted several days. The Potomac rose from 2.7 to over 8 feet (a record for this day, last highest was a little over 5 feet back in 1975). Finally we got to enjoy some high water on a nice warm summer day. We did 2 runs on the gorge and for a while Mark and i had Corner Hole/Wave to ourselves. Way fun!

Mark at Corner Hole

Me examining huge piece of quartz next to Corner Hole eddy

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Flake

June on the Potomac tends to bring fairly low levels. This year though it seemed to be getting low faster than normal. At 2.7 feet there wasn't a whole lot to do but of course head up to Horseshoe wave for some play. We headed up after scrambling down, past the Potomac petroglyph near the Fishladder. We hung out below the Fingers for a bit, enjoying the warm summer day and the beautiful weather while majestic blue herons watched from the rocks. After a few mintues of play at the wave we needed something else to do. Mark decided he wanted to climb up the Flake separating the Spout from the Fingers and scout the VA lines. I decided to join him but part way up realized just how much i'd hated climbing up there before and was going to head back down. But of course by then he was at the top and i couldn't see him to tell him i wasn't coming. So i continued on climbing precariously to the top. We walked along the flake and scouted the VA lines. The Spout and rapids above all looked prety good. We also got a close look at Grace and Pummel in the background. On the way back i stepped over a pothole and felt something peck at the back of my leg. It startled me and i let out a (pretty girly) shriek. Luckily only Mark heard it, it startled him enough as it was. I turned around to take a look in the pothole to find out what my assailant had been. Inside a found a momma duck with a few little babies. After that we made our way back down. The climb down the Flake is even worse than up. I still don't understand how the falls runners every walk up that thing with their boats. If and when i do run the falls it'll be one run at a time for sure!!

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Middle Fork

After our run of the UY on friday it rained some and it was looking like it would be too high (turns out they released less water and it was actually lower on Saturday, go figure). So we decided to head to the Middle Fork / Tygart Gorge. I'd never run it and although i also wanted to get a higher water run on the UY I was glad to get on a new river. As it turned out the Middle Fork was at a nice level (4.7 MF, 6.5 Tygart Gorge) and we had a great run.

Mike - Put in Rapid, Middle Fork River

Ben and Andy, Middle Fork

Ben, Middle Fork

Doug - Shoulder Snapper, Tygart Gorge

Hook, Tygart Gorge

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