Sunday, June 27, 2004

West Virginia Weekend

In late June we decided it was time for another new run. This time we were going to spend two days. We ran the Cheat on saturday and then drove down to the New River Gorge on sunday. The Cheat was at a low level but it was good for my first time down. We had fun playing at Typewritter and Cueball. It was my first glimpse of the natural beauty this river has to offer. Gorgeous rock formations line the banks and the remoteness of the canyon enhances the experience even more. The Cheat is a long run and we broke it up for the boys to do some rock slides off of large boulders. That night we drove down to the New and camped at Canyon Rim Ranch. We awoke to what I found out was the usual foggy West Virginia morning. The fog burned off by late morning and we had a beautiful run.

Me and Ian, New River Gorge

New River Gorge

Josh surfing at Greyhound, NRG

New River Gorge

Me and Josh, Lower Keeney

Butterflies, NRG put in

Camping at Canyon Rim Ranch

Setting up for rock slide, Cheat River

Ian, Josh, Turnup, Maggie

Me and Ian, Cheat River

Pretty rocks, Cheat River

Pretty rocks, Cheat River

High Falls

Surfing at Cueball



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