Sunday, August 15, 2004

Great Falls Fun

Me at the Fingers

We had planned on taking some newbies to the Lower Yough this weekend but they bailed at the last minute. I had also planned to meet Mark there on Sunday but after some misscommunication he ended up there Saturday instead and called to say he'd had enough and was heading home (he'd already gone to the LY the day after the UY trip the week before too).

With no one to join up with we found ourselves sitting on my doorstep wondering what to do. The idea of driving 3 hours for nothing more than the LY was not appealing. We'd been okay with the idea as long as there were new people involved. We could have just as much fun by ourselves without having to drive far. So we headed for the Potomac. The level was good for the Fingers and the boys were ready to run it so we drove the 20 minutes to Great Falls.

We paddled up to the base of the Fingers and climbed up to the top. I was terrified of the climb but at least i was only going up to watch and take video/pictures so my boat remained at the bottom. After some scouting the guys completed successful runs.

Ian scouting the rapid above the Fingers

Ian running the Fingers

Afterwards we headed for the Fishladder. They had run it a few weeks before. This time I was ready. We put on and Josh explained the line. It was very straitforward though you definitely didn't want ot flip here. My first line was slightly off as I was a bit too close to the center at the bottom but still managed to punch the hole just fine. We climbed up and ran it again. This time my line improved. No carnage to report. Fun fun fun!

Me running the last slide of the Fishladder

Me after my Fishladder run

Ian running the Fishladder boof

Ian on bottom of the Backchannel

Ian running the Fishladder boof

Ian running the last slide of the Fishladder

Josh running the last slide of the Fishladder

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