Sunday, August 22, 2004

New River Nap

Two weeks after my first run of the Upper Yough, we planned another trip to the Lower Yough. I invited Mark once again but was sure he wouldn't be intrested in a third weekend on the LY. To my surprise he was more than willing....

Josh was planning on taking Sylvia on another rafting trip (she had thoroughly enjoyed our run down the Upper Yough in July and was ready to get out again). Ian also brought his then girlfriend; Minh. Additionally the newbies that we were supposed to take the week before came along. They chose to hire a guide instead which was relief as Josh was going to be rafting and the rest of us didn't really have a desire to play tour guide (turns out this group was not at all prepared for the LY, one person broke her paddle after the first few rapids and ended up walking out at the loop takeout, the rest of them invited themselves onto the raft).

I decided it was a good time for my friend Anthony to do his first LY run and drove up with him to Ohiopyle. Josh rafted with Sylvia, Minh and the other girls while Mark and I led Anthony down. Ian kayaked but hung out with the rafters as much as possible. Meadow run was pumping in some extra water above Entrance so the level was a bit higher than normal summer flow. Anthony did well and everyone had a good time.

Me and Mark


Mark at Swimmers



Raft eating kayaker


Oh and... Suzi had found this ridiculous monkey tie for Josh and asked me to give it to him that weekend. We all decided he needed to raft with it on. He thought it was only appropriate to wear a button down shirt as well....

That night Ian, Minh, and Anthony headed home (we also parted ways with the other newbies) while the rest of us headed down to Fayetteville to run the New. Josh had borrowed some river boards for him and Sylvia and had invited me to join them. I asked Mark to come along as well but doubted that he'd want to do the long 4 hour drive up to Ohiopyle and then drive another 3 hours all the way back down to the New (which was only 2.5 hours from his place in the first place). But once again to my surprise he was up for it...

I rode with Mark on the way to the New and we talked the whole way. We'd been emailing a bit over the past two weeks and i was starting to realize just how much liked him. We camped at the Canyon Rim Ranch once again and stayed up most of the night talking (yes really just talking!!!). The next morning Josh had pancakes cooking when we woke up.

The New was very low, zero feet. A good level for Josh and Sylvia to river board but fairly slow for us. We were so exhausted that we didn't mind the leisurely pace. I actually took a short nap when we stopped along the way. It was fun watching the two of them bobbing around at the surface in front of us. It was a great day. I rode home with Josh and Sylvia looking forward to the next trip with our new team member...

Sylvia river boarding Middle Keeney

Nap time

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