Saturday, May 28, 2005

Morons on the Maury

It was a beutiful day and nothing was running. So we decided to go for a hike by the Maury. Sure it was depressing to be there and not be able to paddle but it was a nice day and a great place to spend it. After enjoying some beutiful poppies that had been planted along the road we drove up river towards the normal put in. Along the way we noticed something unexpected: boaters! How could it be? The Maury was well below minimum. A closer look revealed what was going on. These wheren't desparate whitewater boaters scrapeing down whatever little water they could find. These were a bunch of morons in rec boats (well okay one had a ww boat but clearly had no idea what it was for!) who quite obviously had absolutely no idea what they where doing. None had helmets or pfds (not that pfds were really necessary as there was barely enough water to need flotation of any kind). The Maury is normally a class III-IV run but at this level it didn't appear that they could really get into too much trouble. If anyone flipped or got pinned all they had to do was stand up, the water was so shallow. Of course that is exactly what they did. We watched as they had to first drag their boats over a very dry section. We watched as one of them got in his boat, floated a little, pinned on a rock and prompltly swam. All this within about 15 feet. We continued following them down river as they bumbled their way down. It was aboslutely hilarious. I know its not nice making fun of people but these guys were just too much. The level was so low it didn't seem at all likely that they could get into too much trouble. We followed them as they made their way through a very much de-watered Devil's Kitchen (pinning and broaching every step of the way) . It was great entertainment to say the least.

If this offends anyone please let me know. But honestly you have to appreciate the hilarity of this situation. It's the sort of the that if i did it myself i'd have to admit the ridiculousness of it!

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