Monday, September 05, 2005


After all summer of running the Upper Yough we realized we had only gotten a few action pictures. It's hard to set up with such a fast paced run and small eddies. So we decided to just go for a few easier shots. The obvious first choice was the boof at National, which Mark executed beautifully:

Mark - National Boof

Another good one was a small drop below Bastard (we still need to get a good shot of the main boof there). This drop is just above the big eddy at the bottom of the rapid so it was easy to get a good picture (and the lighting was great there too):

But ultimately one of the easiest places to photograph was a very small boof on the boogie water below all the major rapids. Though the drop itself was small, Mark was able to get pretty good air:

Very Boofy!! :)

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