Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another day at Dickerson

With virtually no water anywhere in sight we decided to head to Dickerson for a little practice before our south east trip next week. We arrived to a dissapointing sight. The level was at the lowest i'd ever seen it. I guess that's what you get for showing up on a warm spring day when no one is running their heat or AC a lot! But we were already there so we decided to go ahead and paddle. Better than nothing afterall.

Much to our pleasant surprise we found the level to be super fun. The level was great for several of the holes along the course. It was just sticky enough to be able to practice getting in and out in our creekboats. We were even able to do some spins and pirouttes which was super fun. The low flow made it much less pushy and also made the eddies far less dynamic, making it easy to ferry back and forth and attain back up to the holes when necessary. Overall we had a blast and it was great practice. We both agreed that this was probably the best day we'd had at Dickerson yet!

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Anonymous Helene said...

Hey - no pictures? I'd like to see how low is the lowest of all times... How far below the platform in the top (warmup) eddy was the water??


5:52 PM  

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