Sunday, March 12, 2006


After a fun low water run on the Upper Yough we headed off to Teeter's. Not much else was running so we decided to run the Cheat the next day. That night it started raining and rained all night. In the morning i was hopeful that some stuff would come up. We checked gauges and were dissappointed to find that nothing had really budged yet. We knew things were bound to come up but didn't really want to risk waiting around to find out. We had to get home that evening and i didn't want to be too late. We check the Lower Big Sandy gauge on our way to the takeout but it was reading around 4.8, too low for our taste. Of course by mid day everthing was running (so we found out after checking gauges later on) and i wished we'd waited some...hindsight. I felt somewhat well... cheated. :)

But the Cheat was running at a fairly decent level (2.5 on the bridge gauge).The day started off dreary but brightened up some mid run. With all the rain the various tributaries were pumping in muddy water. It was an interesting sight to see the brown water mix with the green water of the Cheat. I watched a small wave near a confluence. Half of it was white, the other half brown. Kinda neat.

Muddy water mixing into the Cheat

The run was uneventful. Mark and Scott tried playing at Big Nasty some and overall we had a pretty good time. I definitely like the Cheat at higher levels best. I didn't even recognize Pete Morgan rapid till we were in it. Obviously had been a while since we'd been there.

Mark at Big Nasty

Mark, Scott, and John

Me checking out my favorite Cheat rocks

Mark at High Falls

Taking a break at High Falls

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