Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Green Narrows

On our second say in Asheville they finally released on the Green so we headed out to take a look. I had gotten directions to the trail from After a two mile walk along a pretty easy trail you start to descent to the river. I had read that there were ropes to guide you down the steep trail but when we got there we saw none and ended up sliding our way down the mountain, grabbing onto tree branches along the way. (turns out we picked the wrong trail, had we walked a bit further we would have seen the right one, we did find it on the way back at least). After a little over an hour of hiking we reached the river. The trail put us just above Sunshine and we hiked all the way up to Go Left. When we got there we saw some boaters coming down and got to watch them run Go Left, Zwicks, Chief, and all the drops of Gorilla. We later saw another group run Groove Tube. We both decided that Green Lite (walking the Big Three and also Chief) would be a feasible goal to run sometime in the relatively near future. I asked Mark when he decided he wanted to run the Green: “About half way down Oceana”.

Mark wondering how the heck you run this one

Mark picking out lines

Mark checking out the giant pothole

The Notch

Gorilla: Pencil Sharpener

Rapid Transit

Groove Tube



Maggie checking out Rapid Transit

Maggie at Gorilla

Maggie at Go Left or Die

Go Left

Gorilla: The Flume

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photos... looks like an absolutely gorgeous day to be alive & soaking up the sun. I believe the boater in the yel. Jefe at "Go Left" is Woody of Liquid Logic. Just FYI

4:14 PM  

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