Friday, April 14, 2006


Maggie running Moats Falls

Of course it always rains when we're not around. While we were on our southeast trip WV got lots of rain and everything was going off. Of course by the next weekend things were starting to dry out . Figures! Mark had good friday off and we had family plans Easter sunday so we decided to head out for friday and saturday. There were limited options so we decided to do the long haul out to the Arden Section of the Tygart. I'd wanted to run this for quite some time. We met up with Paul and a friend and had a nice run.

Moats falls was rather scrapey. Mark decided he wanted to go first so he could take pictures of the rest of us. There was some confusion as to what hump to paddle off of and he ended up hitting a dry spot and stoping at the lip. Not wanting to go off sideways he did a rock spin on the lip and ended up going off backwards. Must have been quite the sight from below! After that Paul got out and directed us more precicely so that we'd hit the one spot that really had enough water.

The rest of the run went without incident. We got out and looked at Wells Falls which honestly wasn't all that impressive. I decided that i wouldn't make too much effort to avoid the hole. It looked totally punchable. So i headed down and generally aimed to miss it but basically just let the water take me where it wanted once i got near the hole (which btw was really just a big powerful wave at that level, 1900 cfs i think). Overall i liked the rapids on the Arden section but found the amount of flatwater in between to be a letdown. Definitely a pretty run but i doubt i'll be going back often as the drive is rather long.

Maggie at Moats Falls

Paul running Moats Falls

Moats Falls

Moats Falls

Mark at Wells Falls

Mark at Wells Falls

Maggie running the meat at Wells Falls

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Anonymous joe said...

you should check out laurel and teeter creeks, anytime the tygart is over 5000cfs they usually run also check the middlefork run guage and make sure it's real high to guage the creeks.

6:22 PM  

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