Friday, July 07, 2006


... plastic memory that is and a good thing for it!

We had planned to take this friday off for the UY release but were surprised to find it had rained a good bit the night before and the Top Yough and LBS were both running. We met Margaret and her friend Mark H. (yup that's right, two Margaret's and two Mark's, as if things weren't confusing enough!) and decided to do a run on each. Since we were already in Friendsville we started with the TY. We ran into Rick as we were setting shuttle at the takeout. Neither Mark H. nor Margaret had run it before so i got out with them at Swallow to show them the lines. Everyone had good runs while i stood at the top taking pictures. There was a large crowd of spectators. I was getty rather antsy standing there amongst the tourists and wished it would go faster so i could get out of there. After Margaret finished her run I hopped in my boat and hurried off, thankful to be away from the crowd. Ironically, after my careful explanation to of the different lines i managed to totally blow my own.

Instead of punching the curler part way down like i usually like to do (to line up for the tongue) i chose to punch the small hole at the top. I started off too far right and instead of getting on the green tongue i fell off to the right. I tried to angle my boat left so that i could just brace off the pillow but i was too slow. As i brought the bow around i slammed into the rock. Full on piton! I bounced off the rock sideways and was heading downstream facing to the right. Since the water makes a left turn at the bottom i was basically facing upstream now and as i hit the rock at the bottom sideways it flipped me. A little shallow but not too bad.

Although i felt extremely foolish for the screw up but was just fine. I had some small bruises on my knees from the impact of the thigh braces but otherwise no injury or pain. My boat on the other hand was not so fortunate...

As you can see i put a sizeable dent in the bow! Fortunately the plastic has good memory and the dent had mostly popped out by the end of the run and was entirely gone by the next day!

Here is the video Mark took. Of coure he stopped recording just before i rolled up!! I also spliced on a short video taken afterards. Make sure you have the volume on to hear Mark and Margaret's reactions... pretty funny.


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