Saturday, July 08, 2006


Not a whole lot of water was left over for Saturday but we got a great day anyhow. Margaret and Mark H headed back to Detroit while Mark and I joined Scott, Andre, Anatoly and Matt for some fun on the Yough. We started off with yet another run of the Top. I felt redeamed after running Swallow Falls much more successfully than the previous day. I decided on running the center line instead of the right (just wanted to be as far from that rock as possible!)

Matt showed us it was indeed possible to get a T-Slalom down the TY at 200 cfs and a few of the guys demonstrated some new lines down the bumpier part of the drop. We set a double shuttle to avoid running the four miles of flatwater between the Top and the Upper and added a second run on the UY. The level was pretty low (2.9 on the online gauge, whatever that corresponds to exactly nowadays, the painted gauge read 1.7 but it seemed lower than that). A great day and well worth it!

Scott on Swallow Falls

Scott at Suck Hole

Mark and Scott

Mark at Zinger, Upper Yough

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