Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I'm not sure if it's condemned like a rickety old building or like a prisoner sentenced to death but it feels a bit like both!

I have a date for my surgery, November 15th. The doctor says he can fix me, 93-95% chance that it will never happen again, however I couldn't be more unhappy. Between my phobia about surgery and the 4-6 month recovery time I think I'd be happier drifting toward Big Splat offline, without a paddle and my boat full of water.

The doc says that basically in 3 months I can maybe do flat water but no rolling and could MAYBE start running something and rolling after about 4 months (in other words I'm going to attempt to lie and get to that point at 4 months in anyway possible).

So I WON'T SYOTR, at least not after the 15th and not for a while. There goes the big plans of the North Fork this winter and the Green this spring/summer but hopefully it won't be too much of a set back. Maggie seems to think this is all a good thing. My shoulder better be a strong as steel after this!


I will post updates throughout Mark's recovery process. In the meantime there's still a few weeks left so come paddle with us while he still can!


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