Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Great Falls Videos 2006

Maryland Lines:

Maggie running Horseshoe. This wasn't my best run ever but it was also the first so i was pretty damn nervous. After that my runs were a lot better!

Maggie running Horseshoe

Mark running Horseshoe. This was his very first run. Very nice!

Mark running Pencil Sharpener

Mark running Horseshoe

Scott running Horseshoe

Maggie running Pummel. Figures that the one video of this drop that we have and it's my worst line ever! Oh well i only sort of landed on my face!

Virginia Lines:

Mark on an early morning run, U-Hole

Scott running the Spout

Maggie running S-turn. This is a very short video of me running the very bottom of S-Turn

Scott M hand paddling U-hole

Mark running U-hole

Maggie running U-hole. Unfortunately the whole thing didn't get recorded.


Mark running the Fishladder boof

Brett running the Fishladder boof

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