Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Photo Gallery

Hey all,
So i've decided that i need more space and easier upload capabilities to post all my boating (and non-boating) photos. So i have started a Smugmug page. Fear not though faithfull followers the blog will continue. You will still get to read about all my adventures and see great photos here.

The Smugmug page will allow you to view more complete photo galleries from each trip and let you download high res images. This will not only get the photos to you faster but will save me having to email tons of individual files out to people. You'll also get to see photos from my non- boating life (umm... yeah there occasionally is such a thing!).

I will be providing links from my blog posts to associated smugmug galleries (and vice versa).

So please add this link to your bookmarks and check both for exciting new updates.

I am gradually working on uploading older photos and will have everthing up as soon as i can.

Take care


PS. If anyone else has a Smugmug page let me know so i can add you to my links.


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