Saturday, January 13, 2007

Do you want to see a Coyote?

Ben and I had a fun though ultimately fairly uneventful run on the Lower Big Sandy. The level was 6.2 when we put on and rose to about 6.8 while were were there. The Sandy is such a fun run. I had decided that the next time I ran it I would actually run Big Splat. But with only the two of us there and the level around 6.5 I realized it would have to wait for another time.

As we were setting shuttle at Jenkinsburg an old man walks up to us and starts chatting. Really friendly.

"You wanna see a coyote?" he asks.

I glance at him skeptically... "It's in the back of my truck"... I pause with mild interest... "It's dead..."

Helluva a pickup line don't ya think? :) "No sir, I don't want to see your dead coyote!" I though to myself. But oh man was he proud of it!

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