Saturday, February 24, 2007


After over a month of sub freezing conditions in Western MD, things finally began to thaw, allowing for some runs on the TY. Quite the contrast from the pervious week when the river was frozen solid from bank to bank. Putting in on massive ice shelves was rather sureal and the ice water (literally) provided a mild shock. But sunny 35 degree weather actually felt pretty good. Matt, Scott, Jack and i got in 2 laps in gorgeous conditions. At this point the rapids were mostly clear of ice. We skipped the two sticky holes (too cold and there was some ice undercuts). Saturday the level was perfect, about 350 cfs. Sunday provided a little more water with snowmelt, about 500cfs (only one lap this time, without sun).

The put in

More ice

Jack checking out crazy ice

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Here are some photos from hiking around Muddy Creek and Swallow Falls the previous week:

Muddy Creek Falls frozen solid

Ice cave behind the curtain

Swallow Falls - there is a line... yeah...

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