Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Homestake Creek

Matt on Leap of Faith

Though i had initially hoped that Homestake Creek would be something i could run, one look at the steep, manky beast quickly changed my mind. Low flow, tons of pin potential and high gradient made for a combination that did not appeal to me. Of course this did not stop the guys and i was left to hold a rope in one hand and a camera in the other. Fine by me. I needed some time to rest anyway and it was plenty fun just to watch them run it. I ultimately had a great time watching multiple practice runs, setting safety and getting to play with my camera. Needless to say a full album of photos resulted (giving me some good Photoshop play as well!).

See the full Homestake photo album here

Honestly, just watching Matt and Ed run it was enough excitement. I must say that my heart raced just watching. Especially after even a mild mishap (though most of their runs were fairly clean). It was especially hard setting safety and watching when there weren't other people around and Matt was doing practice runs on his own. I wanted him to do well but mostly i didn't want to see him get hurt. That is one manky run!

Matt on Little Sunshine

Leap of Faith

Matt on approach to Leap of Faith

Upper Stretch of Homestake

Ed on Homestake


See here for the full Homestake Photo Gallery

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