Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teva Mountain Games

After over a week of great boating I was actually quite content to take some time off and just watch the events of the Teva Mountain Games. Spending the day hanging out at Homestake and watching all 60 competitors was a lot of fun. Seeing some of the top boaters in the world run this manky little creek was awe inspiring at times. Some made it look so easy, others not so much. Overall still I was happy to leave it to them and simply watch from dry ground! It was also great to see several DC area boaters competing and giving it their best. The rodeo in Vail was also fun to see.

Jeremy Lauks

Matt Walker

Stephen Wright

Geoff Calhoun

John Grace

Stephen Wright

Dane Jackson

See here for more photos of the Homestake Race

And here for more photos of the Rodeo

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