Sunday, July 08, 2007


Maggie on Bear Creek Falls, middle line

After a fun time at Triple Falls, the Lower Whitewater, and Lower Santeetlah we finally made it out to the Cheaoh. Saturday’s run provided some carnage with one dislocated shoulder and a dented boat (thank goodness for Fluid plastic, as it easily popped out). Overall though we ended up with two good runs. I finally got to run all the lines on Bear Creek Falls (had only run the right line last year). I have to say though that the Cheoah definitely needs more water to be really fun. At 1300 last year it was a good bit better. 1000 seemed low and 850 downright boney. Still a beautiful run. It was nice hanging out with new friends and running into some old friends as well.

Check out Jason's trip report and also the great video he put together of our trip:

SE Trip Video

Maggie at the Dam

Maggie on Bear Creek Falls

Checking out the carnage video

Check out the full Cheoah gallery here

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