Sunday, July 01, 2007


Mark, Laura, Maggie, Scott

Potomac Paddlesports (formerly Springriver) had their 70's disco themed grand re-opening party this Friday. Fun night of good friends, free drinks, fun costumes, dancing, and varied shenanigans. Sonny claims he'll be having some sort of party once a month. This one was definitely a blast.


Geoff and the manikin

Maggie and Scott (Anyone having Cheat Fest flashbacks?)

Geoff and Rachel (Blonds do have more fun)

Sean and Maggie

*gasp* Yes that's right I actually DO drink once in a blue moon

Sean and Jeff

Geoff and Maggie


Jack and Pete

Geoff and Maggie , photo: Alex Parlini

Check out the full Disco Party gallery here
(Warning: Some content may be inappropriate for small children)


Check out more great photos by Alex Parlini



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