Friday, July 13, 2007

My True Love

Launching off of Pummel

Finding myself single for the first time in my adult life (yes really), I finally realized my one and only true love: The River. The river doesn't judge, and it rarely disappoints. It is always there when I need it. Makes me feel better when I am down, and gives me something to look forward to every day. This summer I've found nothing more rewarding than spending my time at my favorite place: The Falls. Sure there are tough moments. But the highs are really high, and the lows are rarely that low (much unlike my most recent relationship).

A friend joked that I was "dating" the Falls (admittedly I had replaced my ex-boyfriend's number on my speed dial... with the number for the Little Falls gauge reading).

Dropping into the void that is the Spout

(Thanks to Eric for jumping over the Crack to take this shot)

Eddying out in S-Turn

The Spout

U-Hole, Middle line

Check out more great Photos of the Falls here
More here

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