Friday, July 06, 2007

Triple Falls

So I’d had my heart set on getting on the Green Narrows for some time. Unfortunately this being the middle of a rather severe draught the chances of it actually running on the weekend were looking pretty slim. No matter, we had other alternatives. As I’d been looking forward to a good, stress free, trip for some time I was determined to go one way or another.

Scott and I headed down to North Carolina Thursday afternoon and met up with Jason Hilton and the Got-Boof crew (Dave, John, Carl, and Jeff) near the Nolichucky. From there we caravaned on down to Asheville and enjoyed late night sushi, helicopter landings, and a nice campfire. The Cheoah would be running Saturday and Sunday so we just needed some way to amuse ourselves on Friday.

After checking the Green operating schedule message and finding it to of course be scheduled to run at 60% we opted for plan B. Turns out you can definitely plan on Jason to come up with a good alternative. We’d already discussed the option of checking out the Lower Whitewater, which had been discussed on Boatertalk recently. But to add more options to the mix, Jason suggested doing a park-n-huck at Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest first.

It was a beautiful day. Hot out, but the walk up to the falls was shady, draped in gorgeous flowering rhododendron. We walked up first to scout it out. After some inspection we determined the first and third drops to be unrunnable (at least with the limited amount of water there was). I personally took on look and decided it would not be worth my effort to try hike up the steep hill to the falls. It just looked like boat abuse to me, certainly photo / video worthy though. Ultimately I decided my time would be better spent to hike up with my SLR rather than my boat and I had a blast just taking tons of great photos of the guys hucking off this 40 foot sliding drop. Everyone had mostly good lines. One backwards run but no carnage to speak of. Just a fun time. Certainly a beautiful place as well.








First drop


Jason and Maggie

Check out the full Triple Falls Gallery here

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