Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ohiopyle Falls Race

Photo: Bob Anderson

I’d forgotten just how much I liked the town of Ohiopyle. Although I’d been there a few times over this past winter / spring it had really been over a year since I’d really gotten to hang out there much. It really is unfortunate that the Falls are only legal to run a few times a year (only once this year so far). It would be nice to have more reason to come spend some time in town.

I had a great time running the Falls for the first time last year and this time decided to go ahead and participate in the race. Geoff and I arrived just in time to get in a few practice runs. We hurriedly dropped off boats, registered and I got in to runs before the start of the race. The level was 1.5, a bit lower than last year. The approach rapids definitely need some more water! My race run started off pretty crappy as I got hung up on a barely submerged rock shelf that I totally didn’t notice. That cost me a lot of time. Oh well, its all fun! Geoff of course won the long boat class, again.

Maggie (Photo: Bob Anderson)

Geoff (Photo: Bob Anderson)

Bobby (Photo: Bob Anderson)


Maggie ( Photo: Bob Anderson)


After the race and watching some of the freestyle I met up with Jason B. and some people for a quick loop run. The weather was gorgeous and it was a great way to spend some time. Afterwards we got in 2 more runs on the Falls. Jason took me down in a Topo Duo on the second. I’d never paddled one of those before so that was a lot of fun. We had a great line and a nice flat landing. Way fun!

Maggie and Jason in the Topo Duo

After being wet all day it was nice getting into some dry clothes and grabbing some food before the attainment race. We spent the rest of the night hanging out in Ohiopyle (and yes ended up sleeping in the car in front of the Falls City pub). The next morning I sat at the Market Inn sipping coffee and recalled being there four years ago prior to my first Lower Yough run. I’d been so nervous that day! We hung out in town for a few more hours, checked out Meadow Run (which was very low) and leisurely made our way home. I do hope that some day access to the Falls will be open. Aside from being a fun and convenient drop when nothing else is running, Ohiopyle itself is just a cool place to hang out. Sure would be nice to having some more reason to be there.

Geoff taking the lead in the attainment race

More Ohiopyle Photos

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