Sunday, January 27, 2008


A little splash of color in an otherwise black and white world

"Deep Creek Hydro is scheduled to generate for 24 hours a day until further notice."

So what if its only supposed to be in the high 20's? Music to our ears on a nice cold winter day. Jeff and i met up with Jeff Macklin (JMac) and Jason for a quick run on the Upper Yough. A light sprinkling of fresh snow covered everything in a delicate blanket. The wind made the paddle in (and out) chilling but the rapids were great fun as always and the scenery was fantastic. Snow capped rocks, crystal clear blue-green water, and fabulous blue ice draping the banks like a curtain on the stage of winter.

Jason and Maggie admiring the ice

JMac, Jason and Jeff at the put in

JMac at Trap Run

Jeff at Heinzerling

Jeff and Maggie by the ice curtain

Maggie and Jeff on the very cold paddle out

Maggie at Cheeseburger

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Anonymous Muskrat said...

Maggie those icy photos of the UY are awesome - they send chills up and down my spine, looking at the familiar lines with ice and snow everwhere.

Somebody has got to use your photos in a calendar. The Russel Fork in the Fall was equally stunning. The AR and AW calendars are really lame in comparison.

8:43 PM  

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