Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cheat Fest 2008

Me on Big Splat, Lower Big Sandy

(photo: Clive Williamson)

After weeks of hard training on the Potomac i was very excited to get to the Cheat Race this year. I was determined to do well. But of course i couldn't help myself but to join in on some extra fun before the race. Friday morning Sean, Drew, Jeff and I we met up with the Brits (Sarah, Andy, Ali and Clive) for a run down the Big Sandy. Levels were low so we decided to do the whole Upper section from Bruceton Mills down. Never knew how much flat water there is up there! I'd somewhat misjudged just how much time this would all take and barely made it to the Cheat Race in time. It was somewhat exhausting and i had no time to rest before the race but still managed to make it to the finish. The level was a sweet 3.5 feet making for some exciting lines and a fair bit of carnage. Paddling nearly 20 miles in one day including doing a 10 mile race is quite a lot! Pinky and i did well. Coming in 3rd in the women's long boat class and much improving my overall results from last year.

Andy firing up the dam
Sarah and Andy on the UBS

Maggie on Wonder Falls

(photo: Clive Williamson)
Andy on Wonder Falls

(photo: Clive Williamson)
Ali on Wonder Falls

Clive had more fun playing behind
the waterfall then on it. Low enough
flow makes it easy to paddle
behind the curtain without getting hammered.

Sean running the horseshoe
Andy running the horseshoe

Me and Pinky at the race start.

(photo: Clive Williamson)

Cheat Race Mass Start

(photo: Jeff Smith)

The race was a lot of fun but man i don't like mass starts. Paddles flailing everywhere, people running into you from every direction. Topo duo's running you over! Lol. fun times though.

We all throughly enjoyed our time with our new European friends and look forward to meeting up again in the future.

Cheat Fest 2008

(photo: Helene Scalliet)

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