Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alternate river craft

Sarah, Jeff, Maggie, Craig

Many of you have been wondering where I've been this summer. No i haven't spent every day at the Falls like last summer. Between various trips, injuries, school, climbing (hey i can do 5.11s now!) and a general lack of motivation I have been out paddling less. But that doesn't mean i haven't made it out to the Potomac or had a blast!

Along with a few requisite Falls runs and some attaining, what would the summer be without some general tom-foolery? When i couldn't paddle too well due to some injuries i decided it was time to break out my fins and boogie board again. Craig, Sarah, Jeff, and I had a great time negotiating the treacherous Mather Gorge on our bargain store craft! Craig even came up with the perfect solution to rafting.

Sarah headed home to the UK this week but not before showing us just how it's done on the Fishladder Boof. It was wonderful having her around this summer. I think we all made some great friends this summer and hope to meet up again soon.

Craig in his alligator raft

Craig let's the chicks do all the work

I can make mine go higher!

Sarah fires up the boof,
showing us how

Jeff and Craig, wishing the flatwater
would move just a little faster

The alligator raft is hard to roll.
But at least it is stable... no issue,

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