Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Review

Happy New Year all! I thought i'd start off 2009 by quickly reminiscing on 2008, boy what a great year! Here's a quick recap of what I did this past year, some favorite moments, and associated trips (click on the photos) by season.

This past fall i started grad school: MS in Environmental Management. Yes i am hoping to save the world for a change of career pace! So expect to see some posts on topics such as Acid Mine Drainage in the near future. I'm definitely looking forward to what 2009 will bring. So far in the mix: Another trip to Oregon coming up in May.

Winter: Icy days on the Upper Yough
(photo: Jeff Macklin)

Spring: Scouting on Canyon Creek, WA; Part of a great Pacific Northwest Trip

Boofing with Pinky on Little Antietam Creek
(photo: Jeff Smith)

Summer: Boofing off Grace Under Pressure during the Great Falls Race
(photo: Jeff Smith)

Hiking the Zion Narrows as part of a great Southwest adventure
(photo: Jeff Smith)

Fall: Launching off Pummel (with cat ears) for Halloween.
(photo: Craig Campbell)


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