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Trip Reports by River and Date

I thought I’d make it easier to find specific trip reports. Below is a list of rivers I’ve run in the order I first got to run them. I’ve organized all related trip reports by date.

Potomac (Mather Gorge), MD

Beginings Summer 2002
Learning Summer 2003 - Spring 2004
Last Days of Offut 5/8/04
Team Natural Selection Summer 04
Great Falls Fun 8/15/04
DC Visit 8/29/04
Potomac Express 9/30/04
Horseshoe 8/23/05
The Flake 6/22/06
Monsoon June 6/29/06
Potomac Play 7/29/06
Chute Out 2006 9/28/06

Lower Yough, PA

Yough Ivy 5/22/04
Team Natural Selection Summer 04
New River Nap 8/21/04
Lions, Tigers, and Bears 4/30/05
Summer on the Lower Yough Summer 05

James (Lower), VA

Richmond 5/31/04

Stony River/ No. Br Potomac (Kitzmiller), WV/MD

Team Natural Selection 6/12/04

Difficult Run, VA
(minus canyon)

Team Natural Selection Summer 04
Difficult Run (10/8/05)

Shenandoah (Staircase), WV

Team Natural Selection 6/20/04

Cheat Canyon, WV

West Virginia Weekend 6/26/04
Cheat 9/12/04
A Date With Big Nasty
Lions, Tigers, and Bears 4/29/05
Cheated 3/12/06
Yay Cheat!! 7/2/06

New River Gorge, WV

West Virginia Weekend 6/27/04
New River Nap 8/22/04
High Water New 9/24/04

Susquehanna (Holtwood), PA

Holtwood 7/31-8/1/04

Upper Yough, MD

Bucket Boat 7/3/04
New Beginings 8/7/04
Hand Paddling the Upper Yough 10/2/04
Powerful Popper 10/11/04
Upper Yough Summer Summer 05
Boofy!! Summer 05
Pink Power 9/30-10/1/04
Revelations 3/11/06
Limits 3/18/06
Boof! 5/26/06
Buckeyes 10/9/06

Fishladder (last slide), Great Falls, Potomac, MD

Great Falls Fun 8/15/04

Ottawa River, ON

Canada 9/3-9/5/04

Gooney Run, VA

Waterfalls 9/8/04

Little Sandy Creek / UBS, WV

Waterfalls 9/10/04
Lions, Tigers, and Bears 4/26/05

Lower Big Sandy Creek, WV

Waterfalls 9/11/04
Lions, Tigers, and Bears 4/27/05
LBS 4/15/06
Oh Deer! 5/20/06
Summer Treat 7/7/06

Maury, VA

Maury 9/18/04

Morons on the Maury 5/28/05

North River,VA

Journey on the River Styx… 9/19/04

Upper Gauley, WV

Gauley Fest '03 9/20-9/21/05
Gauley Dream 9/25-9/26/04
Fall Gauley 10/17/04
Dildo 9/18/05
Room of Doom 9/24-9/25/05
Initiation 9/16/06

James (Balcony Falls), VA

Balcony Falls 10/30/04

Upper Meadow, WV

Upper Meadow Epic 11/13/04

Bullpasture, VA

Bullpasture 11/??/04

Bear Creek, MD

Bear Creek 1/8/05

Careful what you wish for... 4/22/06

Shenandoah, South Fork, VA

Memorial 5/29/05

Lower Gauley, WV

Dildo 9/17/05

Lower Blackwater, WV

Sun, Wood, and Chasing Rain 1/29/06

Here we go again... 1/1/07

Tallulah, GA

Tallulah 4/1-2/06

Chattooga Section IV, SC/GA

Section IV 4/3/06

Nolichucky, NC/TN

Nolichucky 4/6/06

Nantahala Cascades, NC

Cascades 4/7/06

Cheoah, NC

Cheoah 4/8/06

Tygart, Arden Section, WV

Tygart 4/14/06

Top Yough, MD

Waterfalls 9/11/04
Top Yough 4/29-30/06
Holes 5/25/06
Shock 5/27/06
Memory 7/7/06
Redeemed 7/8/06
Sunny 10/29/06
Toping off the Year 12/31/06

Middle Fork / Tygart Gorge, WV

Middle Fork 6/3/06

Valley Falls, Tygart, WV

Valley Falls 7/23/06

Ohiopyle Falls, PA

Ohiopyle Beatdown 10/3/04
Ohiopyle 8/5/06

Great Falls, MD lines, Potomac, MD

Great Falls 8/14-24/06
Falls August 2006

Taylorville Section, Beaver, NY

Taylorville 9/2/06

Moshier Section, Beaver, NY

Moshier 9/3/06

Great Falls, VA lines, Potomac, MD

Great Falls, Part II 10/1/06

Falls Summer /Fall 2006

The following rivers i have not yet run but got to take a look at (and may or may not want to run in the future!) :

Horsepasture, NC

Horsepasture 4/4/06

Green Narrows, NC

Green Narrows 4/5/06

The following is a list of rivers i've walked off of. So far its only one entry. Hopefully it won't be many more. I didn't see it fitting to add this to the list of things i've run as it was only a short portion.

Beaver Creek, PA

Can't see the river through the trees 4/22/06

Since this doesn't really fall under the rivers category i am giving it its own:

Dickerson Whitewater Course

Another Day at Dickerson 3/26/06

Rainbow 10/1/06

Feeling Blue 12/17/06

Dickerson Bloopers 12/17/06


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